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The Heather / Damsel Chronicles
Welcome to Lawndale (1:01) The Morgendorffers move from NYC to Lawndale, into a mansion in the Crewe Neck community specially designed by Fashionable House Realty, Inc. After moving the family goes out for pizza.
Cherry Bomb (1:02) First day of high school: Damsel joins a clique and Heather meets a new friend . . . and the Flying Monkeys. Quinn takes the girls out to dinner so Daria can have some personal time with a certain someone.
Memory Lane (1:03) Once again finding themselves victimized by their parents' busy work schedules, the twins get shuffled off to stay at Cherry's for the evening. While there, Uncle Trent takes them on a guided tour down memory lane . . . but not all questions are answered.
Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1:04) Turning away from Heather for a moment, here is the story of Damsel's introduction to the Renaissance Society and the wild world of Lawndale High. Much to her sorrow some equations turn out to be harder to solve than others.
Pair Shaped (1:05) With the Homecoming game and dance right around the corner, a young high schooler’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love. In some cases, replace ‘love’ with extreme irritation, angst and pining, or a crisis of confidence.
Sub Vino, Sub Rosa (1:06) The ancient Romans believed that things done in drunken revelry should stay secret . . . sort of an ancient 'What happens in Rome, stays in Rome' philosophy. In the post modern era, our heroines must decide which is worse: shopping for the dance, the dance, or the honesty that comes from the vine.
Powers Trip (1:07) Cherry Lane attempts to track down her elusive quarry through the jungles of Lawndale High and accidentally gets a deeper look at the Morgendorffer Madness than she wanted. All this while dealing with the backdrop of madcap movie madness.
Haunted (1:08) It's Halloween in Lawndale, time for all the ghosts and spectres to rear their ugly little heads and cavort in public. Plus, there's a cool costume party at the Zon . . . to which Cherry and Damsel conspire to drag Heather by hook or by crook.
Snow Place Like Home (1:09) A freak blizzard blows into Lawndale and the twins are missing. Their family braves the storm to find them, and discovers that there are more storms brewing than the one outside.
Bitter Harvest (1:10) It's Thanksgiving Day, a lovely time for families to come together and share a meal and the warmth of family togetherness. This can't end well.
Clique, Clique Boom (1:11) Damsel's rival Jessica spins a web of half-truths and lies in an attempt to claw her way to the top of the social ladder. Meanwhile, Jane and Heather are confronted by an angry Daria who has discoved that they are concealing something from her.

Senior Citizen In this prequel to the Chronicles, Quinn prepares herself for her first day at school as a senior. Old friendships change, new friends are made, and the unstable Morgendorffer home life gets shakier.
Quinndy Lou Who It's nearly Christmas, but times look bleak for the Morgendorffer sisters: both have been practically abandoned by their family and they must struggle to survive. Daria has a plan to put an end to the Barksdale feud once and for all, but it may be too little too late as far as Quinn is concerned.

Lawndale's Finest
The Last Daughter of Krypton Even the Earth's mightiest heroes had to grow up, and life as a teenager is hard enough without super powers, strange allergies, and mysterious enemies. At age sixteen, the Girl of Tomorrow learns of her unearthly heritage and must come to terms with her true past while juggling loyalties both new and old.
Chapter One: Strange Visitor from Another Planet
Chapter Two: The Girl of Steel
Chapter Three: A Great Sub-Urban Newspaper
Chapter Four: The Never Ending Battle
The Dark Knight The mysterious Daria Morgendorffer returns from abroad and tries to reconnect with her aunt and little sister, neither of whom have seen her in many years. Meanwhile, the situation in Lawndale and nearby Gotham City continues to get stranger as even more people don masks and costumes to prowl the night. Most are criminals, but one is the terrifying new defender of the innocent . . . the Batgirl!
Chapter One: Millionaire Playgirl
Chapter Two: Fear and Loathing in Lawndale
Chapter Three: The Girl Wonder
Chapter Four: The Ace of Knaves
Ace Reporter Action Stories #1 Presents: Quinn Morgendorffer gets a call about a new technological breakthrough about to be announced at Star Labs, and heads out to cover the story with her faithful photographer and best friend, Jane Lane.
Deep Trouble Action Stories #2 Presents: Scarlett, along with friends and family, puts out to sea for a relaxing weekend before school starts again. The weekend becomes less relaxing when she hallucinates a nude man swimming along the sea floor, and then even less so when their ship is attacked. Luckily, she wasn't hallucinating.
Two Knights Defense Action Stories #3 Presents: Strange government agents in black suits are prowling the corridors of Lawndale High looking for people who are "different." Daria has hired a body double to help cover some of her very busy schedule; a body double with an agenda of her own and a red-haired little sister that looks very similar to Quinn. Jane orders a pizza and has a surprising run-in with Artie the Pizza Boy. What do these things have in common? Read and find out! Note: these events occur simultaneously with the early events in The Ace of Knaves
End of an Era Detective Stories #1 Presents: (Author: LSauchelli) Shortly after the murder of Police Commissioner Loeb, Lt. James Gordon and assistant DA Harvey Dent scramble to find the shooter before the mob can silence him forever.
Daughters of the Demon Detective Stories #2 Presents: Part of the story of Daria's early training to become the Dark Knight, told from two different points of view - her own, and that of her former best friend. Who is the mysterious Talia "Nat" al Ghul?
The Line of Duty Detective Stories #3 Presents: (Author: LSauchelli) On the heels of the tragedy at the Ace Chemical plant, Gordon and Dent work to determine the identity of the new serial killer stalking the company's former employees. Little do they know, he's stalking them as well.
A useful time line, and suggested reading order, can be found at the Daria Fan Wiki.

Tales of the Irony Maiden
Down the Lane Daria tries to reconcile with Jane after The Kiss, and discovers that it's already too late. (short)
Exchange Students What if Jake had joined the Marine Corps the way his father wanted? How would that change his little girls? What if Jane angrily rejected her family's obsession with art? Welcome to a whole new Lawndale . . . .
Yes, Quinn . . . A very young Quinn comes to her older sister with a crisis of faith. (short)
The New Girl A teenage girl and her family move to a new town to get a fresh start on life, and she meets a new friend. (short)
The Misery Chicks A very different Daria and Quinn arrive at Lawndale High, both girls carrying scars from a horrific encounter buried in their past. They draw other injured souls into their circle, but can the Misery Chicks help one another overcome their demons?
Swan Song A mysterious girl appears in Lawndale, and immediately everything is turned upside down. Daria, Jane, and the surviving members of the Fashion Club must race against death to preserve the future of the human race.
Common People Trent dedicates a new song to his new girl, but it's not the Morgendorffer you'd expect and it's not the song she was hoping to hear. (short)
Holding out for a Hero Quinn goes home to cry and search for a hero to heal her broken heart. Sequel to Common People. (short)
Tears of the Dragon Daria seeks council to help her deal with her feelings of anger and betrayal. Sequel to Common People. (short)
Heartless When Jane's wish is granted by an evil faerie, Lawndale is set upon a course of suffering from which it will never recover. But the end isn't brought about by the heartless Jane or the wicked Daria, but by the first innocent, terrible wish made long ago.
The Evil Daria Vignettes The epic from the PPMB finally collected into one easy document, and then sensibly split back into four smaller ones so it doesn't make your browser cry. Originally running to six-hundred and eighty eight posts stretching across three threads, this collection includes only the Vignettes themselves - still in the original posted order and with titles and author credit (blame?) for the reader's convenience. Time to enjoy the Evil!
The Evil Daria Vignettes I
The Evil Daria Vignettes II
The Evil Daria Vignettes III
The Evil Daria Vignettes IV